Love Signs & You, edited by Rochelle Gordon, is the most revealing book on love and sexual desire ever written. It presents Zodiac Signs from 1920 through 2002 interpreted by seven leading astrologers, is beautifully illustrated, and holds over 800 pages of fun, romance and entertainment, as well as providing all the tools you need to uncover: the cosmic secrets of compatibility, your true romantic and sexual nature, and even, which celebrities share your astrological makeup! Love Signs & You also explores the astrological influence on love, sex, and romance throughout the 20th Century, and it’s sure to provide you with a scintillating look at some of the greatest romances and sexual scandals of the day. Love Signs & You is the ultimate astrological guide to love, sex, and relationships!

Your Birthday Sign Through Time
, edited by Rochelle Gordon, is a groundbreaking birthday astrological publication by seven leading astrologers who interpret all of the zodiac signs from 1900 through 2001. It explores in detail, how astrological and historical factors create a compelling influence over an individual’s unique personality and destiny. With more than 1,300 astrological profiles covering every zodiac sign from 1900-2001, each profile reveals personal strengths, challenges, and compatibilities as well as what an individual’s planets reveal about one’s potential for Love, Luck, Drive, and Ambition.

Personal Power Is In Your Name lets you in on the secret of your own name. All names carry within them hidden keys to our deepest motivations. Once unlocked, they can help you attain your cherished goals. Authors Rochelle Gordon and Shirlee Kiley discovered that each letter of a name corresponds to a zodiac sign and embodies that sign’s particular quality. For example, “E” corresponds to Gemini and embodies the essence of this chatty, witty sign. It’s the full name’s combination of letters that actually “proclaims” to the world your unique approach to life. Personal Power Is In Your Name is a comprehensive dictionary for name evaluation that easily gives you instant insights into the people you care about.

Body Talk: Why You Really Get Sick And Why It Need Never Happen Again! is Rochelle's inspirational look into how we have more control over our health than we realize. Body Talk, is a practical guide to those who seek to find, within themselves, the true source of their physical problems and the inner resources to heal themselves, and to maintain good health, providing explanations for the real life problems that are at the bottom of most of what ails us.

The Secret Powers of the Moon, reveals everything Rochelle has learned about the Moon’s magnificent influence over humanity, and how you can use this lunar power to your own benefit. Within its pages, you’ll gain insight about the Moon and its mysteries as well as the many Beauty Secrets and Lunar Rituals to bring you Love, Luck, and Good Health.

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