“… Your knowledge of astrology and other related fields has helped me… to meet my husband, to save thousand of dollars in real estate and to ease the pain of the death of my father… ”

– Christine P., Florida





Rochelle Gordon




Rochelle brings her 30 + years experience as a leading expert in the art/science of Astrology, Tarot, Acronphonology (alphabet/zodiac correspondences), and Clairvoyance to her role as Editor-in-Chief of Love Signs & You and Your Birthday Signs Through Time. Both are available in major bookstores and published by a joint venture between Atria Books and Pasteur Publishing Group, Inc.

Rochelle began her editorial career in the late 80’s as Editor-in-Chief for Horoscope Guide, a magazine providing astrological insights into romance, money and career to a nationwide readership. After that, Rochelle extended her editorial duties to other national newsstand magazines: Astro Signs Digest, Body Mind Spirit, and Astro Signs. As Editor-in-Chief, Rochelle successfully shaped the esoteric voice and vision of each publication.

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