“After more than 7 years of litigation with an insurance company, you read my chart… Thanks to your profound intuition, I was awarded in excess of half a million dollars…“

– D.L.G., Florida




Dear Rochelle,

Once again, you were right on target... Your prophecies of the future of my career in government and how they would lead to my own business were phenomenal. I can’t believe what an impact having a sense of what’s to come can make – talk about “insider information!”

Your wisdom and perceptive comments have helped me to achieve innumerable goals and objectives. That, combined with incredibly accurate astrological guideposts, have kept me ahead of the pack and on track.

- Jackie B., New York


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Rochelle Gordon




Rochelle offers in-depth readings via telephone that give you an astrological interpretation for the upcoming trends and events in your life covering the year ahead. This is a month-by-month reading, touching on issues such as relationships, money and health. She will address specific questions that you may have. All sessions are audio taped.

If you are interested in a consultation, you can contact Rochelle via her email address: Rochelle@Rochelle-Gordon.com

The charge for this yearly personal consultation is $295.00*

*Rochelle is currently involved with an email forecast project and, as a result, she is not able to take on any new clients for personal consultations at the present time.